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Top Tips to Upgrade the Exterior of Your Home in a Jiffy

Whether you are a new or old homeowner, you know that the outside of your home, the front in particular, is of utmost importance. Not only does it help add immediate beauty and appeal to the house, it improves its value as well, which is useful if you are looking to sell. Due to a lack of time however, most people are now unable to upkeep their homes as they may otherwise have, which unfortunately leads them to deteriorate faster. Well, we are here to help you solve this problem with the following tips about upgrading your home’s exterior as efficiently as possible.

Back to Basics

Wash the curb, veranda, and porch, whatever it is that you have. Mow the lawn, trim hedges and get to those annoying out-of-reach spots that you have been avoiding for the last few years. Tackle things inside out, and make sure you do it well. Sweep up any dead leaves and throw them away as well. If you want to hire a professional gardener, then do so instead. What matters is that you take some action along these lines before you go any further with your exterior home makeover.

Get a Good Painter

There are plenty of painting contractors and companies out there today, but getting your hands on a good one is quite tricky. You need to have a thorough screening process that includes things like whether they are licensed, bonded and insured to begin with, as well as how much experience they have. Additionally, you want to be sure that they conduct pre and post checks on your property so both parties can be sure that the complete job was done. They should also offer a guarantee on their work. So when looking for a Brisbane painting company for example, be sure to look for these traits.


If you really do not have the knack for gardening or landscaping why not give it to professional landscapers to handle? They will be able to offer you a host of useful advice including the quality of the soil, what you need to do to improve it if necessary, as well as which plants grow best. The type of grass you want will also be discussed, so you can look forward to plenty of options. Landscaping adds an instant allure to any site, and can be incredibly useful for when one may be looking to sell a house.


Did you know that you can change the ambiance of any setting simply by adjusting the lighting? In the same way, you can use different lighting options to set the tone for your home’s exterior. Do you want it to be a quiet spot, or a place where people can swing by and gather in the evenings to hang out? Of course you want your own peace and quiet sometimes, but you may also like to entertain occasionally. Lighting can help you with all of this, so be sure to check up lighting options when you look for other items during the makeover.

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