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Things To Know About Renovating Your Office Premises

Whether you realize it or not, the office premises have a huge effect on the productivity of your employees. Using bright yet soothing colors as your office theme and implementing an open door policy increases the level of positivity and enthusiasm in your office which would in turn lead to less occupational diseases and a happier workforce.

If you have decided to refurbish your office, here are a few simple yet great tips to help you in the right direction.

Use Color

Try to use brighter colors on the walls however, make sure that the colors you choose are easy on the eyes. There is no hard and fast rule that states that all office furniture has to be a boring blend of black, white and grey. Incorporate color into workstations by encouraging your employees to decorate their work areas how they please, as long as it is not offensive to anyone else. You can also ask companies that provide this renovation service in your particular area like Renovations to help you come up with an authentic theme for your office premises.


Using simple décor that complement the color of the room would give it a designer look. Look for most of the décor you would need at second hand stores. Make sure all books and files are organized and stacked up in a neat fashion.

Use modern shelves to enhance the look of your office premises. Inquire from your potential renovation companies, Renovations for example for a design catalogue from which you would be able to choose the most appropriate pattern throughout your office. Make sure that the team that you are hiring to take over the construction can get the right material that you will need. Get in touch with companies handling automatic off coil bending machines and prepare them for the work that needs to be done at your office premises.


Make sure your office premises are well lit up with the right kind of light. Make sure that your fittings are sophisticated and classy and yet give out a vibe that encourages fun and relaxation. A perfect clash between the two would result in sending a highly positive vibe to your employees.

Recreation Area

Try to section off a separate area of your office. This would encourage staff members to network and enjoy each other’s company in your recreation area. Include a few board games or chess boards which your employees could enjoy during their break. Having a united workforce makes it easier to get work done and so you could use this method to bring them closer together.


Speak to your banking consultant about the details of the loan you are hoping to take  which allows you to pay off the cost of renovation in one go if ever a situation like that should arise.

Implementing these simple steps would make it much easier for your employees to feel more at home while they do their job. Remember keeping your staff happy means a more productive workforce.

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