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Tips to Help Better Market Your Property

Whether you are looking to sell your long-time home in favour of another, or are looking to bust into the real estate business as a property investor, the fact of the matter remains that without marketing, nobody is going to be lining up in front of your door. Marketing is the process of informing the public about what is on offer for purchase, and convincing them in some way that it is right for them. In both instances, you want to sell/rent your property accordingly, but if you do not market it well enough, chances are it will fall flat. And after the first 30 days of the advertisement being released, do not expect any activity, since this is typically the lulled out period. These tips can help turn things around.

Get Social

Not just personally, but for your property. Chances are, you probably already have some sort of exposure to social media, and probably an account or two on Facebook and Instagram respectively. You need not be a social media whiz or anything to make this work for you. You can get someone to help you out if you think you are not savvy enough for this sort of thing, or even just look up a few tips online. It is quite straightforward, so it should be easy to follow. Look for platforms that will give you the best exposure and results.

Boost Creativity

Yes, real estate is not the sort of thing where you break out your big advertising guns or anything, but a little creativity certainly cannot hurt. Think of how many property notices people are going to be browsing through before they find something. You do not want them to be brain-dead by the time they get to yours. You want your ad to make them sit up, take notice, and pick up the phone to call you. Get creative with slogans, descriptions, images. There are so many things you can do, like putting an interesting spin on things like real estate ringwood and more.

Sign Up

Signage is still a highly effective marketing tool, no matter how digital our age is. Sometimes old is gold, and the most foolproof of methods, so why not use it too? Set up signs in surrounding areas, and maybe in suburbs on the outer borders as well. Identify where the most high-traffic areas are, and arrange to have signs set up there. You should check on this as soon as possible, as these spots are generally coveted and thus difficult to get hold of.


Simply offering information about your property is not the point of marketing. The aim is to mobilize customers and get them to actually contact you, the seller. It helps generate leads so you can eventually make a sale. So be sure to include a call-to-action in all your marketing materials, be it social media posts or signs that have been set up. Include an e-mail, phone numbers (yes more than one), and other modes of correspondence if any, thought probably not Snapchat. You should make things as easy as possible for the client, only then will you be able to hook them in.

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