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Things to Know Before You Install Shutters or Blinds on Your Windows

Deciding on whether you want to install shutters or blinds on your windows could be overwhelming since there are numerous things to consider. But taking the first step into having these window treatments installed into your home is a wonderful idea to inject elegance into your abode.


Although you are sure you prefer shutters or blinds instead of curtains or drapes, there are still things you need to consider before getting the phone to make that call to the nearest supplier.

Colour and material

Shutters and blinds are manufactured with the use of different materials. This should be your first concern, the kind of material from which your shutter or blind is made out of. Why should this be a concern? This is a concern since you have to consider how it will blend with the other fixtures in your home. This is actually easy since there is a lot to choose from. Plastics, wood, aluminium… just choose the materials that go well with the other fixtures in the room where you want the shutter or blind installed. As for the colour, pick one that is classic and neutral since it would be easier for you to add furniture and other room accessories without having to think of colours clashing. A neutral colour will also perfectly complement other colours in the room and will make accent pieces pop.


The next thing on the list that you have to consider is the size. Not only the size of the shutters and blinds that will cover the window, have you also had to consider the size of the slats. The slats will determine how much light from outside you want to be blocked. You have to remember that smaller slats will result in lesser light since the slats are closer to one another. It is actually advisable to hire a professional in measuring your window to have the exact measurement to custom made the shutters and or blinds that will fit nicely to your windows. If you are looking for blinds adelaide, there are companies who sell various types of shutters and blinds and also offer to measuring and install them as part of their services.

Internal or external

Where are you going to install these window coverings? Is it inside the house? Or for outside? If it is inside, blinds are already suitable which a more affordable option than shutters is. But if it is to be installed outside say for your tree house or a pavilion, shutters are more recommended for their durability.

The cost

Of course this is an important factor when it comes to deciding whether you would opt for shutters or blinds. Before you decide, set a budget and stick to it. As a rule, pick something that is of the highest quality to get your money’s worth and to avoid a headache from installing materials that would soon deteriorate.


No matter what you have decided on, there is no right or wrong choice since it is your home, you know it better than anyone. The best window treatment for your windows could be within your budget and could be in styles and designs that you prefer.


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