Effective Tips For Designing Your Business Signs

 Signs are a highly effective and powerful marketing tool for your business. When you consider the fact that they may be the first impression a new customer has of your  business and your brand, it becomes clear that designing your signage well is absolutely essential to your overall marketing strategy. However, getting this right can sometimes feel tricky, especially if you don’t have a background in design. Cover these bases to make sure you make a positive impact on everyone who sees your sign.


Convey a clear message.

It may be tempting to try to fit as much information as you can onto your sign, but don’t fall into this common trap. You want your sign to be clear, legible, bold, and concise – not crowded and cluttered. A cluttered sign is confusing to the eye and won’t attract your customer’s attention in a positive way. You also run the risk of the customer who’s driving past not being able to read what’s on your sign and completely missing the opportunity for a sale. That’s where professional support can definitely can come in handy; a service that designs outdoor banners melbourne can be hugely helpful in making sure your signage design is as clear and effective as possible.

Choose fonts wisely.

Don’t get too wacky when it comes to your font choice. This factor will definitely depend on the type of business you’re marketing – for example, a children’s party planning business will require a very different font to a legal support service. Consider the tone of your brand carefully and opt for a simple, clear, easy-to-read font that works well with the overall message of your branding. Don’t feel that you need to use all capital letters to get attention either: studies have shown that a combination of upper and lower case letters are just as eye-catching and readable than a sign that shouts are you through a large, upper-case font.

Include graphics.

Graphic images are generally more powerful than text. Unless you have some seriously catchy, attention-grabbing copy, focus on finding a graphic image or logo that’s bound to capture the eye of people who are walking or driving by. A sign with an interesting, innovative image is far more likely to interest a customer than plain text on a white background.

Add a border.

It may sound odd, but borders can be a helpful way of assisting your new customers in reading what your banner or billboard has to say. For example, if your billboard is going to be placed on the side of the road and you know that people are only going to have a moment to absorb the information you’re putting out there, it’s best to add a border to your signage design. Borders help the eye focus in on the text and image on the sign, making it quicker and easier for the viewer to read your message while they drive past.

Understand your brand.

If you don’t have a clear sense of what your brand is, this will come through in your signage. Before you begin any kind of marketing campaign, make sure you know exactly what your brand is and precisely what audience you’re hoping to reach. This knowledge alone will help you come up with a design that gives a strong first impression.

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