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What Our Members Say - Intech Credit Union

Being a member of Intech Credit Union means that when it comes to matters of your finance, you have access to better rates, fairer fees and a higher level of personalised service. Well, that’s what our members say.

Hear what else our members have to say about their membership with the Credit Union...

Leah McLean, NSW
I have been struggling for months with other banks to help me with my finances and have always been given extremely bad customer service.

From the beginning in my dealings with Intech Credit Union I have been treated with respect, received fast responses and I have always been kept in the loop. For this I want to thank the staff for outstanding customer service and the willingness to help me quickly and efficiently.

I have recommended Intech Credit Union to my colleagues not just because you have great deals and rates but because in dealing with you has been a pleasure and so easy. It has made my financial situation a lot easier and more manageable which means I can look forward to the finer things in life.

(Adem) James Muslic, NSW
I would like to pass on a very big thank you to all the staff there at the Credit Union. I’ve been banking with Intech for as long as I can remember and I don’t have anything but positive things to say about the services you offer, and just as importantly, the staff that work at Intech.

Having travelled overseas a number of times now I’ve always experienced exemplary customer service whenever I’ve needed to get in touch to request information or changes of details. Any issues encountered are always addressed extremely fast and with a minimum of fuss.

A recent example of this was when I had trouble booking a flight online from overseas due to a problem with the Visa security certification process on my tablet device. It was late, almost 5pm, on a Friday before Bank Holiday but all efforts were made to rectify the issue with ultimate success.

In this day and age it’s easy to expect a long wait and then ultimately unsatisfactory outcomes when trying to contact a bank, this is all I ever hear from friends and it’s my own experience with internet and mobile providers, it is therefore a welcome breath of fresh air whenever I contact the Credit Union.

Fiona Clark, USA
So often organisations only hear from customers when they have a complaint. In this instance I would like to provide you with some very positive feedback about the staff at Intech Credit Union.

I now reside in the US and the staff at Intech are always so helpful and thorough when I need assistance. They are prompt, communicate very well and professional. I am so happy I can rely on Intech when I need help with my accounts.

Chris Mordaunt, SA
A few years ago I transferred my mortgage and banking to the credit union, and it is one of the best financial decisions I have ever made. Living in South Australia, my interactions with the credit union are primarily through your great website (I could not manage my budget without it). Whenever I’ve had a need to call, the customer service has been excellent (pass on my thanks to your staff). On top of that your mortgages are very competitive. Keep up the great work.

Helen Reynolds, NSW
Upset with my then long term bank, over high mortgage rates and just about to buy a house, I approached Intech Credit Union for a loan.......18years later I am still a happy customer and have closed all accounts with other banks!

Rosemary Senn, NSW
I love the way they answer the phone – as if they know you and they always sort out any issue you may have – cheques gone astray, money to be transferred, setting organising affairs for a deceased estate, organising travel money.

It is especially good that they call you up to double check any unusual transactions – not just outgoings but incoming funds as well. It is good to know someone is not just keeping our money but also keeping an eye on it.

Rosie Vickridge, NSW
I joined Intech in 1993. Since then, I’ve had three mortgages, car loans and personal loans with Intech. My first mortgage was approved in 1 hour 15 minutes from me dropping the forms in to the office. How’s THAT for service???

I cannot praise the staff highly enough. They have been fantastic over the years; always helpful, professional and friendly. I still do all my banking with Intech, and hell would freeze over before you could persuade me to go back to the Barbaras of Bank World.

Lorraine Tacouni, NSW
We love the personal touch that we get from Intech. You don’t deal with an anonymous call centre; you talk to real people and they’re always willing to help and offer truly personalised service.

Natasha Cossel, VIC
His reassurance, invaluable advice and regular phone calls saw me through it; I would’ve been lost without him. When things seemed scary and I wasn’t sure what I was meant to be doing, he was there for me and I’m extremely appreciative of that. (With regards to Geoff Loone, Intech CU Home Loans Specialist)

Bob Gilchrist, NSW
I discussed my requirements with Jill Howell - a Loans Officer at Intech and found myself receiving a pre-approval within five days. At this time, the Banks, were loudly proclaiming enormous profits, salary rises of 53% for staff and enormous CEO bonuses. To add insult to injury, they also racked up interest rates, making Intech even more competitive. Incidentally, Jill was very responsive to my many probing questions! Within 12 hours of going ahead, the valuers had arrived at my home. How is that for service?!

After a comprehensive analysis of my home loan options, I decided to take up the Intech offer. I feel very positive about being able to source money outside of the “Big 4” and would urge anyone looking for home or investment property finance to consider our very own Intech Credit Union.

Paul Perlich, VIC
Intech Credit Union provides down-to-earth customer service. Talking to the staff is like talking to your friends. I’m a very happy Intech Credit Union customer! :)

Simone Condos, VIC
Intech totally came to my rescue when I was settling on a property. I was given less then 24 hours notice to arrange a bank cheque for settlement the next day! I called the lovely Tracey in the Southgate branch, who came to my aid and sorted everything out. 9am the next morning she was there with my cheque and I was able to settle later that day.

Alison Tonna, NSW
My Finance and I were enquiring about how to get our first home loan. I rang Intech Credit union a few months ago to find out what we needed to do before we go for the loan. Intech were very helpful, explaining some good ways to save for our deposit and how we were to concentrate on saving before we rush into the biggest investment of our lives. We were are on the right track thanks to Intech and will be able to get our first home loan with no problems.

Terry Wahlen, NSW
The staff are empathetic and sincere and go out of their way to take the steps required to quickly ensure my financial security. Nothing is too much trouble for them; this gives me peace of mind. It’s a good feeling to know that when times are tough you have friends you can count on.

Brian Freeland, NSW
I received a call from my wife, “I have killed the Volvo”. I know it was getting old and we had discussed replacing it, but like most big decisions, it was not quite the right time for this to happen. It was imperative that we got a car ASAP. We found the car and with the fantastic teamwork of Intech we were able to pick the car the next day, one day after applying for the loan. The staff took our situation to heart and went out of their way to make sure that all actions went seamlessly and did everything possible to assist with the speedy approval.

Josh Groom, NSW
One week ago, I returned from a holiday in Africa. The day I returned I received a call from Intech Credit Union. They had received the first few of my overseas transactions from overseas and were making sure they were legitimate to save me from any inconvenience. It was great to know someone was looking out for me.

Allen Elbourne, NSW
I’ve been a member of Intech Credit Union for so many years now, so of course they were our first choice for home loan. We didn’t even bother to look anywhere else; to us, there was really only one option.

In all my previous dealings with the Credit Union I’ve never experienced a single moment of frustration – not one. This was not the case when I used to deal with the big banks.

Emma Le Breton, NSW
We’re just really turned off with the big banks - they’re so impersonal. Our whole family are with Intech CU and hold their mortgages there. To us, being with Intech just feels right.

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