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Telstra Credit Union is now Intech Credit Union - Intech Credit Union

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The origins of Telstra Credit Union go back to 1962 when OTC employees set up a credit union to provide better banking to their fellow employees. In 1995 we re-branded to Telstra Credit Union and in 2005 we merged with Intech Credit Union, which was set up to serve IBM employees. Going forward, we will operate under the one brand, Intech Credit Union.

Today we still serve employees of these two iconic technology businesses and importantly Telstra Corporation supports a continuing business relationship. We will continue to participate in the MyRewards@Telstra employee benefits program and continue our regular staff engagement, now under the Intech Credit Union brand.

The ‘Intech’ brand better suits our current business as we welcome all people who work in the technology sector in Australia.

Below you can find out why you’ll be better off banking with Intech Credit Union for home and personal loans, deposit and savings and other banking products.

The origins of Intech Credit Union go back more than 50 years when employees of what is now Telstra and later employees of IBM set up credit union to provide better banking to their fellow employees. Today we offer home and personal loans, credit cards, term deposits and savings accounts as well as many other financial services, including insurance.

Because we are a customer owned credit union we can offer genuinely better rates on lending and deposit products. Our pricing is transparent and remarkably competitive and we can generally beat most other offers.

Being a customer owned credit union rather than a profit maximising bank means that when you become a customer you become both a member and an owner. And we are run solely for the benefit of members, as we don’t have shareholders to pay. And just like the major banks the Australian government guarantees your retail deposits with us up to $250,000.

We come from the ICT sector so we can support the ICT sector. For example we fund scholarships for disadvantaged technology students at the University of Technology Sydney and Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, and our Board has a strong connection with the ICT sector. Many Directors are currently or were formerly employed at Telstra and IBM or other ICT companies.

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