Need a Reason?

Need a Reason? - Intech Credit Union

There are countless reasons and rewarding benefits for joining the Credit Union; however we’ve had to stop ourselves at 20 in an attempt to keep things simple….

Start enjoying the benefits of being a member today!

1. An Owner, Not Just a Customer
Being a member of Intech CU, means you own one share of the credit union.

Members are both customers and owners, so you have a real say in how your financial institution is run. Each member gets an equal say – one member, one vote.

2. Higher Levels of Personalised Service
Intech CU takes the time to anticipate and understand your individual needs. Our staff enjoy getting to know our members and take great pride in assisting members on a more personable level. It’s a win-win; you get the help you need and it makes us feel good too!

3. Experienced & Empowered Staff
We continually go above and beyond the call of duty when dealing with any member and we do it without hesitation – it’s part of our work culture.

We have empowered our staff members through regular training and defined accountability; enabling them with the knowledge and power to better serve the individual needs of our members.

4. Better Rates
We don’t have the added pressure of maximising profits to pay external shareholders; because of this, we’re able to offer you better rates on our loans, savings and investment accounts.

5. Fairer Fees & Charges
Intech CU’s fee structure has been developed with our members’ interests in mind. Where we need to charge fees out of necessity, we do so, whilst communicating openly and honestly with you. We work with our members to assist them to reduce fees, or even cut them out completely.

6. Convenience & Reliability
One-on-one appointments, regular workplace visits, and on-site branches provide our members the convenience they seek when fulfilling their banking and financial needs.

7. NO Monthly Account Keeping Fees
We prefer our members to rest easy without the worry of being charged a fee for simply keeping their money with us.

8. One-stop Financial Services Provider
We offer a comprehensive range of financial products which cover not only our members’ everyday banking but are also designed to assist members in achieving their financial ambitions and securing their future.

9. We Reward Loyalty
We believe our members should be rewarded for their support and loyalty to the Credit Union. Our Member Bonus Allowance (MBA) gives members the opportunity to offset their general transaction fees; in fact, majority of our members currently pay no monthly transaction fees at all.

10. Accessibility
Any place around the world at any given time, our members are able to access several safe and convenient methods for managing their funds. You could say that we’re the bank at your fingertips!

11. We’re a Credit Union not a Bank!
We exist solely to serve our members and our profits are reinvested to provide better products and services.

Banks are shareholder-owned entities who are driven by profit and focus on paying high dividends to their shareholders.

We’re regulated in exactly the same way as the banks and provide a range of savings and loans products. This is where our similarities end...

We are different to them and proud to be so.

12. Knowledge & Expertise of the ICT Industry
Intech CU is a credit union for the members that was built by the members.

We are based on the same powerful values that support the culture of IBM and Telstra as they stand today; a culture that has been built over the span of 40+ years.

Our heritage dictates a strong and dedicated focus on employees within the IT and ICT families; so much so that we are in fact an integrated part of the employees work.

13. Safety and Security / Financial Stability
Intech is an Approved Deposit-taking Institution (ADI) which means that we are governed by the same rules as the big banks. Deposits under $1 Million in all ADIs, whether it be the largest bank or the smallest credit union, are equally safe.

14. Fraud Prevention
As part of an on-going commitment to our members’ financial well-being, we continuously deliver information on how to protect funds against fraud and give regular updates to our members about current scams – to protect our members.

15. Financial Education Seminars
We believe that keeping our members up to date with the latest news, trends and thinking from the world of money and finance is vital. Our Members' Seminar program educates our members and enables with them with the power and knowledge to assist them achieve their financial dreams.

16. It All Comes Back to YOU
Unlike banks, credit unions exist solely to serve our members. We put our members first and instead of paying profits to external shareholders, we in fact put our profits back into programs and activities that directly benefit our members.

17. Talk to the CEO
Intech CU members are able to communicate with the CEO via phone or email, about topics that are of interest to them – and then get a response! Could you imagine being able to do that with one of the big banks?!

18. Innovation and Product Development
Intech CU values the ability to continuously develop innovative products and services that satisfy our members’ changing needs.

Regular member communication and surveys allow us to gain deeper insight about our members’ needs and wants.

19. There’s Power in Pooling…
Intech CU exists today due solely to the belief that we share with our members; that the pooled value of our ‘community’ empowers and enables people to realise their ambitions and secure their financial dreams.

The collective value of a community can achieve amazing results; after all, we all know that two heads are better than one!


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