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Intech Interest Rates - Intech Credit Union

Interest Rate Changes
Intech Credit Union is making the following changes to interest rates in response to the Reserve Bank’s decision earlier this week to cut the cash rate to 1.5%.

Home Loans
We will be reducing the interest rates on all variable rate home loans by 0.15%, regardless of the size of the loan or the LVR or whether these loans are for owner occupiers, investors, bridging finance or are interest only loans. We are also reducing rates for a number of the fixed rate home loans we offer.

Savings and Deposit Accounts
We are pleased to advise that we will not be reducing the rates we offer members on our Term Deposits. We will make a slight reduction of 0.1% to the rates we offer members in our iSaver, Retirement Maximiser and Bonus Interest Savings Accounts.

These changes will be effective from the end of August 2016.

In making this decision we have carefully considered the current economic environment, the pressure low interest rates are placing on the financial performance of your credit union and the needs of both our depositors and borrowers. We are pleased that our home loan customers will continue to benefit from these historically low interest rates and our depositors are protected to some degree from the ever decreasing returns on their savings.