About the Balance Banking Campaign

About the Balance Banking Campaign - Intech Credit Union

The Balance Banking campaign aims to restore balance to our banking. Your voice counts. To join the debate and find out more about the campaign please visit www.balancebanking.com.au

Since the Global Financial Crisis, competition in the banking sector has significantly decreased to the detriment of consumers. Changes to Government regulations designed to promote consumer confidence during the GFC have benefitted the major banks at the expense of customer owned banking institutions such as credit unions, building societies and mutual banks.

The evidence is clear – there is now an imbalance in banking, which is bad for consumers, competition and choice. We need to get the balance right now or risk less competition and poor outcomes for everyday Australians in the future.

That’s why Intech Credit Union is supporting the Balance Banking campaign, which highlights the inequality of the current system and provides an avenue for the average Australian’s opinions and experiences to be heard.

In 2013, we support the call for Balance Banking.

The Balance Banking campaign aims to galvanise consumers and encourage support for the government to take decisive action to improve competition and choice, and restore balance to our banking.

Australian voters deserve nothing less.

Already, 2 out of 3 Australians are calling for an independent inquiry into the banking system.

The campaign developed by Abacus – Australian Mutuals (the industry body representing Australia’s customer-owned banking institutions) is strongly supported by Intech Credit Union.

Your voice counts. For more information and to get involved in the campaign please visit www.balancebanking.com.au. Here you can vote in weekly online polls, share your story and stay informed on the issues by signing up to the Balance Banking newsletter. You can also follow the campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

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