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Accounts FAQs - Intech Credit Union

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Most Frequently Asked Questions

2. BPay

1. Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BSB Number?
Within Australia:

BSB: 802-351

Simply quote this number and your membership number to manage your electronic debits and credits within Australia.

What details should I use to have funds sent to my account from overseas?
Refer to the information under 'Foreign Exchange - Receiving Money From Overseas' where you simply:

  • Select Currency
  • Enter your Name and Postcode
  • Enter Intech Credit Union
  • Enter your Account Number
  • As an option you can add your email and the amount
  • Then simply click 'Submit' and a PDF will automatically appear with payment instructions for you to provide to your overseas sender.

How do I transfer funds between memberships via Telephone Teller?
You will need the account numbers (not member numbers) of the accounts you wish to transfer to, then follow the prompts in Telephone Teller.

How do I transfer to another financial institution via the Internet?
Within Internet Banking, click on Funds Transfer, click on 'Another Financial Institution' and enter the financial institution's details and the amount to be transferred.

Lost or Stolen VISA Card
1. Report your card to the VISA hotline immediately on 1800 648 027.
2. Complete the
Replacement VISA application form
3. Print and sign the form
4. Send the form to us via
standard mail or fax

  • My VISA Card is damaged
1. Complete the Replacement VISA application form
2. Print and sign the form
3. Send the form to us via
standard mail or fax

  • How do I change my PIN?
PIN change terminals are available at all our Financial Service Centres at St Leonards, Elizabeth Street, Cumberland Forest and Southbank.

Who can join?
Membership is open to any one, although we tend to attract those who work in the IT or Telecommunications industries and their families.

To join, you pay $10 and in return receive a single share, which means you now own a part of the Credit Union. You can vote like any other member and have the right to contest for a Director's position if nominated by your colleagues. Once a member, you remain a member for life, even if you change careers.

If you are unsure of your membership eligibility please contact us to discuss it with one of our staff.

How do I become a member?
Contact us to open your membership.
You become a member by being issued with a share ($10) which entitles you to one vote as a member of the Credit Union. This amount is refundable should you ever decide to close your membership.

Is the credit union as safe as a bank?
The Credit Union is supervised by the same government body as the banks - the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA). APRA requires all financial institutions to maintain minimum standards to ensure the security of member's funds.

What ATM's can I access?
Any ATM in Australia or overseas that displays the VISA symbol.

2. BPay

What is BPay?
BPAY is an Electronic Bill Payment System which enables to pay all your bills which have a biller code via the Telephone Teller or Internet Banking.

How do I Register for BPAY?
Simply request to be registered for Internet Banking or Telephone Teller by completing the registration form and you will automatically have access to Internet BPAY.

Are there any fees associated with BPAY?
BPAY is a free service for members with no registration or fixed annual or monthly fees.